ELCA logoOur Saviour’s is part of the largest Lutheran denomination in the country, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  We are one of approximately 10,000 congregations and 4.2 million people who make up the ELCA across the United States and the Caribbean.

It is our conviction that by joining together with other congregations across the country we can reach out to more people in ministry than any one congregation can do alone.  The ministry of our congregation is done locally in Salt Lake City, nationally and internationally.

The ELCA is divided into 65 geographical “synods”, which also unites us with congregations in our geographical area.  We are part of the Rocky Mountain Synod, which covers the states of the inter-mountain West.  For more information about our synod, visit the synod website, http://www.rmselca.org/.

As part of the ELCA we are involved in exciting ministries throughout the world.  Examples include youth ministry, disaster relief, educational ministries, (we have 26 colleges and universities), Global mission and world hunger.

In countries with high rates of malaria, the disease accounts for up to 60 percent of health clinic visits and 50 percent of hospital stays.

Students help end malaria

The ELCA Malaria Campaign will provide new opportunities for college and university students to help contain malaria, a disease that claims the life of a child every 45 seconds. The campaign is designed to educate, equip  and mobilize young leaders to help make a difference. Read more about ELCA Malaria Campaign


Women and children often walk for miles for clean drinking water. Photo credit: Paul Jeffrey/ACT Alliance

Bringing hope

ELCA World Hunger makes a big difference in the lives of people and communities around the world.
A simple water well can transform a community in ways that are nothing short of amazing. You can make a difference now with your gift to ELCA World Hunger.

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Not your average holiday ham

Give something unexpected this Christmas. Just $30 could provide a pig (or other animal) to a family living in poverty, where having a pig in the pen is like money in the bank. This Christmas, do something different — feed the hungry, heal the sick, grow this church — and honor friends and loved ones with a gift they will never forget. Shop ELCA Good Gifts