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Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church is a medium-sized congregation in Holladay, Utah, beginning as a small mission church in 1960.  We are one of more than 10,000 churches in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Our Saviour’s is a praying church!  We take time to pray for one another throughout each Sunday morning; those who are serving the altar during the service pray with Pastor before the service; we lay hands and pray for Pastor as he kneels at the rail before each sermon; personal and confidential prayer is offered during worship at two prayer stations for those who have prayer needs after they have received Holy Communion; we have a prayer room, where one may sit alone or with a prayer partner for individual prayer time.  We also have an E-mail prayer chain that reaches hundreds of prayer warriors.  

Throughout our history, the most dominant characteristic of Our Saviour’s has been a warmth and openness of members to each other and to newcomers to the community – perhaps because we intentionally pray for one another regularly!   We hope and pray always that we can continue to express warmth and provide an open fellowship in Christ Jesus to all who walk through our doors in the years ahead.  

You are always welcome and we will rejoice when you come to share worship and fellowship time with us!

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