Our History

50th AnnivOur Saviour’s Lutheran Church had its beginning in 1960, with the formation of a missionary church.  In those early days its small group of members met at the East Millcreek Recreation Center. The pastor went through the neighborhoods, inviting people to attend. Before long the congregation had grown large enough to need its own church building.  The property on 3900 South was purchased, and soon Our Saviour’s first structure went up.  The current West Wing served as the sanctuary, and the South Wing (about half its current size) held the classrooms.  Gene Cox was the first pastor.

The early years were hard on the church and at one point it was in danger of closing, but then two large companies came to Salt Lake. Our Saviour’s membership grew quickly after that, and eventually the church expanded to the size it is today.  There have been a lot of changes to Our Saviour’s through the years.  At first there was only one traditional service.  Later, a second service was added. Today we have a Traditional Lutheran Service using hymns and liturgies from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Hymnal at 8:45 am and a Contemporary Service featuring contemporary Christian music led by our Worship Band at 11:00 am.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Over the years since those humble but hopeful beginnings, Our Saviour’s has been served by six different pastors.  Our seventh pastor, Pastor Jeff Beebe, began his ministry with us on August 1, 2010. Today we plan to continue the story of growth and service to the community that began with that small group of faithful in 1960.



Photo in 1960 with Round Room (front entrance) in the middle, Sanctuary to the right, Sunday School wing to the left.  Photo in 2013 with Sanctuary on left, blocking view of expanded Sunday School wing at left, and Youth wing to right (in the old Sanctuary).  The Round Room is below the cross.