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We embrace the teaching of Jesus to love one another as we are first loved by God: wholly and abundantly. We want all people to know that they are worthy of God's unconditional love and grace.


Whoever you are- we want you here.

Whatever your gender identity- we want you here.

Wherever you're from- we want you here.

Whatever your status- we want you here.

Whatever your sexual orientation- we want you here.

Whomever you love- we want you here.

Whatever you look like- we want you here.

Whatever your abilities- we want you here.

Whatever you bring to Christ's table- we want you here.


You are wanted here.


As we all move forward with the work of being God's love for all people, we commit ourselves to making God's justice, healing, grace and inclusivity a reality in this congregation and throughout the world.




In compliance with social distancing guidelines, the building at OSLC will remain closed. Staff will be working from home as much as possible and no one should access the building at this time. We will give more information on June in the coming weeks. Thank you for your understanding and patience.  



You're welcome to call the office though the best way to contact us for any reason is to email or, or call Pastor Brigette at (720) 202-8212. Please review the information below for additional worship and community information.



Online Worship Information 


You can view online sermons each week by visiting the OSLC YouTube channel. Search for "OSLC SLC" on, click here, or enter the link below. 


Online bulletins are available at to help you follow along with the service. Also check the OSLC Facebook page for announcements, daily devotionals and other events. 


Prayers of the People:


Please email by 12:00 PM on Friday if you would like a prayer read out loud during worship time on Sunday. Pastor Brigette will pray them as part of our Prayers of the People.  


Easter Season Worship Notes:


For the Season of Easter we will be using the Thanksgiving for Baptism liturgy as well as celebrating the Lord's Supper as a part of worship. You may want to have a bowl with water and a candle to light as a reminder your baptism as part of the that liturgy. For Holy Communion you may use any bread or a cracker that you have on hand as well as any wine or juice. We trust in the promises of God to be present with us when we gather, either in person or in digital spaces. "See" you Sunday!


Connecting Via Zoom:


Scroll to the bottom of this email to see a detailed list of of all the ways you can connect with OSLC via Bible Studies, Sunday Coffee Hour, and Sunday School using Zoom video conferencing.   



A Letter from Bishop Jim Gonia 


Click here for a letter from Bishop Jim Gonia regarding in-person worship and gatherings under stay-at-home policies within the Rocky Mountain Synod.


      In both the Acts and 1 Peter passages this week we read about a reference to power: power that God possesses or gives. I have been giving some thought about power in my own life. The power that I possess and how it is used. That's tricky because, as a human, I worry about giving away my power and someone possessing it over me. I want to keep any power that I possess and use it for my own benefit. Yet, that is not how God desires that I consider personal power. In these bible passages this week, it is clear that God's immense power is always used for one purpose only: love. Love of us, creation, and love itself. We saw this radical and risky love in action with Jesus, who used his power to love those whom he rest of society said were unlovable and didn't matter.


      In Acts 1, we read that God give us the power that we need to love like Jesus did. True power is love in action. When I use my personal power for love, it is the gospel in action. [i] When I use my power to see my siblings who are black and grown as God sees them: beloved, full of worth and dignity, that is the power of love. When I use my power of my voice to speak truth to the systems of racism, to name and give humanity to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, and all the people who have lost their lives for simply living while black, that is the power of love.


      When I use my power for actions of solidarity and love, to deny systems that value some lives over others, or say that some are expendable because of sexism, greed, classism, homophobia, or any or any label that is meant to denigrate, that is the power of love. When I use my power to work to free people from what weighs them down and oppresses them, that is the power of love.


      I am called to use my power from God by giving it away. Giving away my power isn't easy and some will call me a fool, or worse, for ensuring that all people are empowered to name their truths, their realities, their suffering, their humanity and their dignity in order to build up the community of God in the name of love for all people. Giving away our power allows for healing where there is woundedness and comfort for those who are afflicted. God gives me, gives us all, as followers of Jesus, this power. Power to give away for the sake of our neighbor. It is the power of the gospel: the gospel of truth, the gospel of freedom, the gospel of love, the gospel that Jesus lived that changed every life he encountered and cost him his own life. God shares this power with us, through our baptisms and in the community of followers of Christ, so that we are empowered to serve our neighbor, to work to free the world from the systems of sin in which we are all caught and suffering. This is the power of love.


You are a blessing!


Pastor Brigette



[i] Rev. Traci Blackmon, reference from her May 18, 2020 sermon, Festival of Homiletics


Please add Pastor Brigette's number to your contact list! 


(720) 202-8212


Contact Pastor Brigette if you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care.



Please pray this week for:


Bernie, Denny, Katsy, Rich, Alan, Charmaine, Janice, Adam, Betty, Pat, Evelyn, John, Marty, James, Sam , Zoe, Lisa, and Kathy.


 Prayer Request Opportunities


We are a vibrant community of prayer that encourages opportunities to share requests with each other!

  • Prayers of the People:
    • Email by 12:00 PM on Friday if you would like a prayer read out loud during YouTube worship time on Sunday.
  • OSLC Prayer Chain:
    • Contact OSLC during regular office hours by emailing, or by calling (801) 278-1412.
    • The prayer chain is a way for people to gain assistance in prayer for any serious and pressing problem. It is also a way for any person to act on God's command to love one another (John 13:34-35). Many people cannot engage directly in Ministry, but we can all pray.
  • Urgent prayer requests:
    • If you desire immediate prayer support, please contact your friends or small group. You may also contact Connie ( or Cathy ( and we will do our best to contact appropriate pray-ers (Stephen Ministers, Prayer Team, specific individuals).
    • Pastor Brigette invites you to contact her at (720) 202-8212 if you or someone you know is in need of pastoral care.

(Permission should be received ahead of time from  

the person for whom we will be praying.)


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor, Connie Degn, or Cathy Ricci. 




OSLC Meetings via ZOOM


Here are all our Zoom connections at OSLC! We look forward to seeing you online!


There has been some concern on security and "Zoom bombing" inappropriate material through this platform. While I cannot guarantee anything, we have taken every precaution with security settings on our Zoom account. You will notice "waiting rooms" where you have to be "let in by the host" (Pr. Brigette) and this assures that people not in our community can access it. IF you invite a friend to join us to any Zoom, please simply alert me and I can look for them in the "waiting room." Try it out! It's easier than you think! Contact me if you want help or a tutorial.



Sunday Morning Coffee Hour

Come with your favorite morning beverage and catch up with your OSLC family at 11:00 AM!


Click to join Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 148 834 738



ZOOM Sunday School

For preschool through elementary age children will resume April 19 at 4:00 PM. Join us for music with Judy, a bible story and fun! Please note that you will need the password to enter this meeting. I have the security tight as it is with children. See you there!


Click to join Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 944 7150 3461


Monday Bible Study

Bible Study continues at 1:30 pm.! We study the upcoming Sunday lectionary scriptures and connect them to our daily lives.


Click to join Zoom meeting.

Meeting ID: 734 218 050



Women's Monday Night Bible Study 

Women's Monday Night Bible Study meets via zoom on at 7:00 PM. We are working our way through Luther's Small Catechism and we will start our study on Baptism this week. Join us!


Click to join Zoom meeting. 

Meeting ID: 942 175 258



May 21 - 31, 2020


Pastor Brigette Away (May 24-31)

* Via Zoom

** Via FaceTime


Thursday, May 21

Pastor Brigette @ Festival of Homiletics

No Chancel Choir Meet-Up

(Resumes May 28, contact Judy England)


Friday, May 22

Pastor Brigette @ Festival of Homiletics

Worship Recording   

(email prayers to by noon, Friday.)

Saturday, May 23


Sunday, May 24

No OSLC Coffee Hour May 24, 31 (Resumes June 7)

No Sunday School May 24 or 31*


Monday, May 25

OSLC Office closed ~ Memorial Day

No Monday Bible Study May 18, 25 (Resumes June 1)

No Women's Evening Bible Study May 18, 25 (Resumes June 1)


Tuesday, May 26


Wednesday, May 27

No Confirmation this week.


Thursday, May 28


Friday, May 29


Saturday, May 30


Sunday, May 31


May 31 worship will be provided online by St. Matthew and  

Rev. Dana Peterson, Director of Evangelical Mission for the RMS


No OSLC Coffee Hour May 24, 31 (Resumes June 1)

No Sunday School May 24 or 31*

4:00 PM      Connor Bishop Graduation Celebration Parade

                     (Seen announcement)



June 2      6:30 PM      Playground feasibility team meeting.

June 3      6:30 PM      Christian Education Ministry meeting.

June 9      7:00 PM      Worship & Music Ministry meeting.

June 16    5:00 PM      Stewardship for All Seasons meeting.





Pastor Brigette's Continuing Education Schedule


One positive outcome of the social distancing to slow the spread of the CoronaVirus is that many events have moved on-line. Festival of Homiletics was supposed to be in Atlanta May 18-22 but is now FREE and on-line those same dates. I will be "attending" as it is one of my favorite continuing education opportunities that originally, I was going to miss due to other travel in May for family graduations. May 18-22 will be dates that I will be available for emergencies, but I will be mostly immersed in this learning opportunity around biblical preaching in context. Thank you!


Pastor Brigette Away May 24-31


Pastor Brigette will be taking time off May 24-31. May 31 worship will be provided via YouTube (link will be emailed) by St. Matthew and Rev. Dana Peterson, (preaching) the Director of Evangelical Mission for the RMS on this day. If you need pastoral assistance this week, please contact Darren in the office 



OSLC Office Closed May 25


The OSLC Office will be closed on May 25 for Memorial Day. Please feel free to email if needed. Emails will be responded to the next business day. 


Congratulations to Connor Bishop! 


We celebrate Connor Bishop as he graduates from High School! We will do a drive-by parade of his home on May 31 at 4:00 PM. Decorate your car with signs of well wishes and blessings for Connor! Connor's school colors are blue and gold.

If you need the Bishop's address, please contact the office prior to the event at (801) 278-1412 or


No Chancel Choir Gathering via Zoom This Week 


There will be no Chancel Choir gathering via Zoom this week, though it will resume on May 28 at 7:00 PM. Contact Judy England if you'd like to participate (


Family Promise Volunteering 


There have been many challenges and changes as the Family Promise staff follow precautions and guidelines while still trying to assist a very vulnerable part of our population: families experiencing homelessness.

Our Saviour's Lutheran Church's next hosting week is May 31-June 7. Although we will not host guests in our building, we will recruit volunteers to provide meals, food, supplies and overnight hosts at Christ United Methodist Church  

2375 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City (just north of Our Saviour's).

Please click on the link below to view the online sign up sheet. Details are listed in the description for each volunteer sign-up opportunity. You may discover that you can help in a new, creative way this time!

Further details and guest information will be emailed as they become available. In the meantime, feel free to contact Cathy Ricci with any questions at


Stephen Ministers & Visiting Angels


OSLC has Stephen Ministers and Visiting Angels available to offer a listening ear, share a prayer, or engage in friendly conversation. Contact the church office or (801) 278-1412 if you would like to receive a personal phone call. This week's e-news article about "Thank You Therapy" is also a helpful resource. 



Thank You Therapy is a Prescription for Worry


Do you get overwhelmed by worry because you've forgotten God's faithfulness through the years? In a COVID devotion entitled "The Antidote to Worry", Christian author Lee Strobel talks about the current "virus of worry" pandemic. Strobel's assessment is that "we get anxiety-ridden over our future because we have forgotten God's track record of helping us in our past." He calls this spiritual amnesia. The Bible gives a prescription for overcoming spiritual amnesia. Philippians 4:6-7 tells us not to worry, but rather to pray with thanksgiving and praise.


Strobel gives us an effective strategy: practice author Don Baker's "Thank You Therapy." Focus on God's promises and faithfulness - then we will be less consumed with worry. Try starting your prayers by thanking God for knowing what is best for you, committing to meet your needs, causing all things to work for a greater purpose, and promising to always be with you. Specifically acknowledge the ways God has helped you in the past. When we start our prayers with "thank yous", we honor God for who He is and what He does and we refocus our thinking from dwelling on worries to being filled with the knowledge that His promises can be trusted!


Small Group Ministry Opportunities


We know that it's easy to feel disconnected right now. Please know that you are wanted to any existing bible study, small group or meeting that you would like to attend. AND if you have an idea for another type of Zoom/digital small group opportunity, please contact Pr. Brigette and we can help you get it going. You are not alone! We are here together and here for you! 


New Worship Component


"Time of Generosity" is a new worship component that we will be experiencing beginning this week, May 17. We want to hear from you! Please submit to Pr. Brigette your experience of God's generosity or gratitude for what God is up to in your life to share with OSLC in worship. Submissions should be 100 words or less. Children and youth, we want you to share with us where you see God in your life too! This is for all ages!


Summer Worship Series


Summer Worship Series is "I Love To Tell The Story!" beginning June 7 and running through Sept. 6. We will read beloved stories from the Bible that we don't always get to explore in worship, beginning with Genesis 1 and going through to the book of Acts. We will celebrate Christmas in July, on July 26, with the story of Jesus' birth and singing Christmas carols! BUT WE NEED YOUR INPUT! We want to know your favorite hymns to add to these favorite stories! Submit hymn requests all summer long to Pastor Brigette at



OSLC Community Gardens COVID-19 Precautions


OSLC Community Gardens are open with precautions (see below). Contact Kathy Joffs for more information. Be well, eat well and stay well!  


We want everyone to enjoy their time in their garden plot and stay safe this summer. Please adhere to these precautions to help minimize and the potential spread of COVID-19. Kathy Joffs will contact you for a rotation schedule of utilizing the gardens. Thank you for following our precautions.

  • Do not visit the OSLC community gardens if you are feeling ill or showing signs of illness
  • IF you are in a higher risk category, please take extra precautions or choose to not participate.
  • Bring your own tools and please take them with you each visit.
  • Follow all new and existing garden policies
  • Maintain social distancing ( a minimum of 6 feet between individuals)
  • Limit interactions and time spent in the garden
  • Minimize contact with surfaces
  • Wear a mask
  • Wear gloves when handling the hose or other communal items
  • Wash your hands and any produce you bring home to reduce contamination
  • DO NOT go into the building. *Please remember that our building is not cleaned daily. To allow outside access puts all people (including staff) at higher risk. Thank you for understanding and remaining outside the building.


Project Linus Update


The project is still in full swing. No, we don't meet for blanket making day.  Yes, we do make blankets constantly and we are ready to distribute 175 blankets next week to those children who need a blanket hug (even though we can't physically be close to them). 


Blanketeers have been busy working at home.  I have been shopping on-line for materials that have been delivered.  I have been dropping off fabric and yarn to my workers' front porches and have been picking up finished blankets from their porches.  We are careful not to be too close physically - but are in touch regularly. The work goes on!


~ Millie



Utah Quilt Guild Face Masks 


Carole Van Hook is working with Utah Quilt Guild to make 10,000 cloth face masks for care center staff and home health agencies. If you would like to join the effort please email Carole for the pattern at  



New Sky Ranch Coloring Book & VBS Date 


Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp has provided a Coloring Book! This is an easy and fun resource for anyone who may need a mental break! If you need a copy and/or crayons, they will mail you a copy!  


Email with your name, address and needed items. The full coloring book can be downloaded at


Vacation Bible Study with Sky Ranch will be moved to the week of August 3rd. Please save the date! 



Recruiting Parish Life Ministry Personnel


Seeking soulfully spirited individuals to participate in OSLC Parish Life ministry functions & events. Contact council member Chris Entzel (801) 7502128 or for more information. Ministry meetings tentatively set for 1st Tuesday of the month to discuss upcoming calendar events.  





OSLC COVID 19 Community Support Initiative


OSLC Friends,


In my Easter Sunday sermon, I mentioned the OSLC Community Support Initiative that the council has constructed. This initiative is phase one of how we are tangibly going to be the hands and feet of Christ for our community in the wake of the pandemic. Visit to find more information under the "Community Support Initiative" tab.


Please contact Tristan Abbott ( or Pastor Brigette ( with any questions.


Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the mission and ministry at OSLC! You are a blessing! Christ is risen! Alleluia!


Pastor Brigette


Supply Delivery Volunteers 


The COVID-19 virus can infect persons of all ages though older people are at higher risk for severe illness, especially those with underlying medical conditions. According to the CDC, 8 out of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years old and older.   


While efforts are currently underway to develop one, there is currently no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Therefore, health professionals strongly advise that all persons practice "social distancing", remaining indoors and away from public spaces to avoid infection.


While we hope that everyone has the resources and social network to successfully manage a quarantine scenario, it may be necessary for healthy volunteers to deliver critical supplies to individuals in need.  


If you are between the ages of 18-59, and otherwise healthy, please contact Pastor Brigette if you would be willing to help make deliveries to identified individuals unable to leave their home.


Bed Donation Needed 


A friend of the Bakers is in need of a bed. If you have a spare bed that you would like to donate, please call Steve Baker at (775) 219-6300.  



As Family Promise navigates COVID-19, we've been reminded that some people are not in stable and secure environments. Our program looks very different right now, but we are still committed to continuing our mission to provide safe and compassionate resources for families with children who are experiencing homelessness.


Hard decisions have been made to protect our churches, volunteers and staff. Until the end of 2020, Family Promise guests will be hosted at Christ United Methodist Church. We are so grateful for this church's commitment to be available for an extended period of time! Churches that were scheduled to host, will support CUMC by providing volunteer assistance that focuses on dinners and overnight host responsibilities. Food can be dropped off at the door for no-contact delivery and interactions with families can be kept to no contact or minimal contact. We will also help provide other supply and food needs.


OSLC is scheduled to help May 31 - June 7. A SignUpGenius volunteer sign-up link will be sent to previous volunteers, or you can contact


Thank you for your continuing support and prayers!





We are limiting admission to the building and reducing volunteers so it may take longer than normal to receive food and other services but we are committed to not turn anyone away.


Our thrift store and our pantry located at 1358 West Indiana Street are both closed and will remain closed until further notice. Our food pantry located at 347 South 400 East is no open Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.


We still need food donations, particularly nonperishable food items that do not require cooking since most of the people we are serving during this crisis are homeless. To learn how to safely make a donation call (801) 364-7765, Monday-Friday between 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM.


More info at  





What can you do to support and contribute to Project Linus?  

Our volunteers hand-make new blankets for children from birth to 18 years old.   



The blankets are given to children who are ill, or in other ways need of a security blanket hug. Blankets can be flannel, fleece crochet edges, quilts, knit, crochet, or fleece fringe (made by specific pattern). Child friendly patterns and colors are preferred. Also, cash donations can be made directly to OSLC. To find out what to contribute and see blanket patterns visit




Please save the "pop-top" from cans and leave them in the jar on the table in the Round Room. Dorothy Purdie will bring them to Ronald McDonald House.  



Online Giving


If you are on vacation,  

or simply forgot your checkbook, you can now give your offerings online.   

Go to our website,, below the CONTACT US tab, click ONLINE GIVING and make your donation using Pay Pal.  There is a drop down menu so that you can designate where your gift will be applied.  Click here to check it out!

ELCA logo 

There are many options to donate and help others around the country and world through the ELCA.






If you notice you are no longer receiving OSLC emails, contact to review your subscription details.


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