Stewardship & Finance

“Steward” is another word for “manager.”  In this important area of ministry we encourage congregational members to use their time, talent, and financial resources to the glory of God.

The congregation could not function without the enormous gift of time and talent that is given by people in our various areas of ministry.  Throughout our website, you will see the many ways that people serve God in this church.  Nor could the congregation function without the financial support given in our weekly offerings.  Each congregation is autonomous, and responsible for its own financial responsibilities.  Like any family budget, there are bills that need to be paid for building expenses, education materials, staff salaries, worship resources, etc.  In addition, the congregation gives a minimum of 10.5% of its annual budget to various organizations that assist people with various needs.

The Stewardship Team plans an annual stewardship emphasis to educate the congregation about the importance of giving, both for the giver and the one who receives the gift.  In the past, we have had one combined service called Consecration Sunday with a guest Pastor delivering the sermon, followed by a luncheon.  The pictures on the right are from 2012:  Worship, guest Pastor Scott Stein, luncheon.

Our Stewardship Team is led by our Treasurer, Bob Ricci; our Financial Secretary, Hether Telford; and Council Member Rich Weber.  They can answer any questions about sharing your time and talent, and returning a portion of the gifts God has given to us.

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