Renewed for All Seasons
Stewardship Appeal 2020
Throughout our history as a congregation, we have been a place of hospitality, community support and connectivity in the name of our relational Triune God. We joyfully embrace all people whom we encounter on our journey. These gifts and strengths allow us to draw from the well of God’s love and grace that propel us into the future.
Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church does not shy away from being on the forefront of transformation and renewal in our ministries. We know that just as the seasons change, the world around us changes and our community’s needs evolve through time. We unabashedly strike out on new ventures in the name of the gospel, such as founding Family Promise. We take seriously the voices of those in our midst who might not be heard in our broader culture.
This is once again a time of being renewed at Our Saviour’s, and not for our own sake. Renewed by all that God has given us, we look to take the next faithful step of revealing God’s kingdom in this time and place. With expectant hope, we see the opportunities that God has put before us and boldly walk with Jesus.
Excited by the new opportunities and rooted in our vision “To be a vibrant, caring congregation that brings God’s love to the community. We seek to be a Spirit filled church where all ages build relationships, worship, learn, serve and play,” we have selected initiatives that move us in the future. This ministry ahead is ours and now is the time for us to be a part of God’s work. The work needs our prayers, our presence and our dollars. Together we ensure the success of these ministries. Together we participate in God’s renewal of our lives, the church and the world!
Appeal goal: To grow in generosity by $27,000 or more in new offerings throughout 2020
To be a spirit filled community, reaching out and caring for all, is the mission of OSLC. Reaching out in Christ’s name looks different today than it has in the past. Today, when we welcome the community into our building for events not related to the church, we have an opportunity to witness in Christ’s name through our hospitality. To welcome people, who perhaps have never felt welcome in Church before.
When we care for all, we take seriously what it means to provide facilities and ministry for people of all ages. To truly reach out and care for all in this manner, we must take steps to improve our hospitality and our facilities. To address those needs, Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church seeks to deepen and strengthen our ongoing ministries as well as expand our vision to new opportunities to serve our neighborhood, broader community and world.
Our goal is to grow in our generosity and giving at OSLC by $27,000 ($519/Week) or more in new offerings throughout 2020. We are excited to share with you how those additional gifts will be invested.
Chartering a Scout Troop   
$3000 ($58/week)
OSLC has been invited to serve as the charter of a local scout group. This is a meaningful way to partner and reach out to the community around us:
  • The troop will bring new families into our building each week, increasing our visibility in the community.
  • We will accompany families with children and youth through critical parenting years.
  • The troop will expand our experience of community at OSLC.
Adding a Playground             
$2000 ($38/Week – Total cost over three years $30,000)
Currently, we do not provide a safe, accessible and engaging outdoor space for children and families in our ministries or our neighborhood. The addition of a playground will:
  •  Enhance our Family Promise experience.
  •  Accommodate children of all abilities.
  •  Neighborhood families will have an additional gathering area.
  •  A playground signals to new worshipers that we value all ages being together.
A “Warm” Welcome              
$12,000 ($231/Week)
Our furnaces are over 30 years old and with our commitment to hospitality in the community, we need to address the furnaces before they stop working and need to be replaced. Replacing the furnaces will provide:
  • Vital continuity and care to our partnering organization.
  • Safety of all who enter our building at OSLC.
  • Warmth in the colder months!
These three ministries will require a significant portion of our increase of giving. The additional $10,000 will allow us to put money in reserves for the future playground expenses and to overcome the deficit in our current level of giving. This is how we are planning for a sustainable and thriving future for God’s mission through OSLC. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church. We invite you to pray for our congregation’s ministry and mission together with God in this time and place. Please prayerfully consider your offering for the coming year.
As part of the body of Christ in Salt Lake City, we accompany all people in our midst with the good news of Jesus Christ: that all are valued, all are loved, and all belong in God’s beloved community. God is with us, equipping us and providing all that we need to do this important work of serving our neighbor. Thank you for your participation, accompaniment, care and commitment to all ministries, ongoing and growing at OSLC.